Is it time for civil war in America?

What do you do when criminals can not be caught?
You see a guy robbing a bank, you know it is a crime. You can look it up. You can see the law in plain print. Do you say hey you! stop! what your doing is not right it is a crime. What if him and all his pals say no it’s not? You pull out a piece of paper and say yes it is it is written right here. What if he say’s shut up or I will kill you right here? Or what if he says no it is not take me to the judge and I will prove it and even though you know it is the judge says no it’s not and allows him to go on robbing banks because he is working with the bank robber for a piece of the spoils? What if the police are working with him as well and all those who are suppose to arrest him? What if they decide to start killing innocent people? planting bombs? Poisoning the towns food, water and air supply? What if they band together and kidnap people and experiment on them? What if they do it without even telling them that is what they are doing? What if they have turned into a terrorist organization? What do you do with them? They can not be arrest and if they are the judges are just as crooked and in their pockets, what then.

What do you do when the criminal is a gang working together with judges in their pocket and they can not be tried? When they are out of control and have grown so large they are a threat to all humanity? To all life on earth? To the planet itself? When they think of themselves as a god?

According to the president of the United states, Obama, head law enforcement of the United States, You label them as a terrorist and kill them with no trial, you drone their crazy asses with out warning. You take them out anyway you can.

Obama – Predator Drones – You will never see it coming!!

What did president Bush say to do with them?
Sept. 20, 2001 – Bush Declares War on Terror

Well president Bush was pretty clear. Hand over all your leaders immediately, no negotiations, Give us full access to you facilities and hunt down every terrorist group globally. Well how do we know if they are a terrorist? Is there a definition that would tell us? Lets look it up and see.

Terrorism – The unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property in order to coerce or intimidate a government or the civilian population in furtherance of political or social objectives.

Well that clears things up. So who fits that description? Black lives matter? ISIS? The Black Panthers? All certainly fit the definition. And what about governments can they too be “terrorist”? By the definition they certainly can and are.

TerrorStorm Full length version

The American Government is the Terrorist Organization

Noam Chomsky: US is world’s biggest terrorist

Who Is The Real Terrorist ? -The U.S.? Government’s

Just a few example of people who do believe the US government is indeed a terrorist organization and when you type in US government are terrorist on youtube you get About 253,000 results. That is a lot claims, far more than it would take to prosecute ANY terrorist organization in any court of law. Yet no one is arrested and no one is charged and no one is ever convicted. As stated above criminals that will not come peaceably, will not turn themselves in and will not admit they are committing any crimes and certainly not terrorism regardless of what we know the supreme law of the land says and the very definition of terrorism. Criminals who believe they are above any law.
People beg and plead for those in government to do their jobs and arrest others in government who we know are career criminals like Hillary and Bill Clinton, Obama, the Bush’s and all their administrations.

Hillary Clinton, Please Stop Killing People

Hillary Clinton’s cloud of corruption

People like Obama

Impeach Obama: 75 Crimes by President

The Bush’s

The Bush Nazi Crime Syndicate

Past and present the list is never ending of criminals and terrorist in the US Government. All above the law. And what about the people and agencies, The corporations and CEO’s and banks and bankers that work with them? We say your breaking the law stop that! They look you dead in the eye and say no it’s not when everyone including themselves knows damn well it is.

Impostors! Our Shadow Government.

Courts and Judges

Foreign Agreements And The Law

The right to get the truth out of the government officials

Do you drone them like Obama said is the right thing to do? Do you declare war on them and shoot them on site like Bush say’s to do? There is no doubt what so ever they are terrorist and criminals we all can read the law and compare their action to it. Where is the remedy in law? Who’s job is it when no one in government will do their jobs?

We pay the police to do it but they do not. They enforce unconstitutional laws on the people and take orders from the terrorist. Some are waking up but still enforcing unconstitutional laws. They raise money and steal property for them. We pay congress to do it but they do not. We pay judges to do it but they do not. We pay attorney generals to do it but they do not. We pay the CIA and a host of other intelligence agencies to do it but they do not. The list goes on and on but they do not. They “claim” time and time again they will bring them to justice but never do. Instead they all join forces with them. So who does?

Government Accountability

So we vote, we call, we demand and yet they do not bend a ear. They continue their criminal and terrorist activities with out breaking stride or fear of prosecution.

Declaration of Independence, “…whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…,”

Is it time for civil war in America?



Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes, Politics, Gun Confiscation, Civil War, Camp FEMA, Real Militia

Some of the military are waking up and some of the police but not enough yet.

The Power of the Constitutional Sheriff


U S Civil War 2016 / 2017 ??

I do not know when but I know people better wake the hell up, It will be too late when they are marching you in to the gas chambers.. I mean “decontamination chambers” and shooting you up with God knows what. Just remember guns don’t kill people government does. One way or another they need to be taken out of office and maybe even this world long before that happens.

Enemy of the State: Camp FEMA 2 – FULL MOVIE


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