How many laws does the average traffic cop break every time he pulls over the average person?



How many laws does the average traffic cop break every time he pulls over the average person?

~ It poisons the blessings of liberty itself. It will be of little avail to the people, that laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws be so voluminous that they can not be read, or so incoherent they can not be understood. Federalist Number 62 ~

WOW! I wonder. With over 80 million laws no one could know them all, and believe me when I say it is all by design.See;

This is a excellent book every American should read.
Fruit from a Poisonous Tree

Well where should we start? I guess we have to start with what the law says he has power and authority to do.

(see also Christy v. Elliot, 216 Ill. 31, 74 NE 1035; Cal v. Farley, 98 Cal. 09, 20 CA 3d 1032; Michigan Public Utilities Com. v. Duke, 266 US 576, 69, 449.) State police power extends only to immediate threats to public safety, health, and welfare.

So first off are you a immediate threats to public safety, health, and welfare? Most likely not. If that is the only power they have and it is not a emergency they have no authority, they have no power. Outside of that authority they cease to represent the government.

” An officer who acts in violation of the constitution ceases to represent the government”. Brookfield Const. Co. v. Stewart, 284 F. Supp.94.

Are they outside the constitution? In most cases yes. They are conspiring to enforce a commercial code on you that is applied unconstitutionally on a non commercial entity. see The Right To Travel


Commercial law or the UCC codes are for commercial purposes only. Even they are superseded by the constitution and common law. for more info see;


What The Government Doesn’t Want You To Know About Your Drivers License

“Insofar as a statute runs counter to the fundamental law of the land, (constitution) it is superseded thereby.” (16 Am Jur 2d 177, Late Am Jur 2d. 256)

“The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law, is in reality no law, but is wholly void and ineffective for any purpose, since its unconstitutionality dates from the time of its enactment… In legal contemplation, it is as inoperative as if it had never been passed… Since an unconstitutional law is void, the general principles follow that it imposes no duties, confers no right, creates no office, bestows no power or authority on anyone, affords no protection and justifies no acts performed under it… A void act cannot be legally consistent with a valid one. An unconstitutional law cannot operate to supersede any existing law. Indeed insofar as a statute runs counter to the fundamental law of the land, (the Constitution JTM) it is superseded thereby. No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.” Bonnett v. Vallier, 116 N.W. 885, 136 Wis. 193 (1908); NORTON v. SHELBY COUNTY, 118 U.S. 425 (1886). See also Bonnett v Vallier, 136 Wis 193, 200; 116 NW 885, 887 (1908); State ex rel Ballard v Goodland, 159 Wis 393, 395; 150 NW 488, 489 (1915); State ex rel Kleist v Donald, 164 Wis 545, 552-553; 160 NW 1067, 1070 (1917); State ex rel Martin v Zimmerman, 233 Wis 16, 21; 288 NW 454, 457 (1939); State ex rel Commissioners of Public Lands v Anderson, 56 Wis 2d 666, 672; 203 NW2d 84, 87 (1973); and Butzlaffer v Van Der Geest & Sons, Inc, Wis, 115 Wis 2d 539; 340 NW2d 742, 744-745 (1983).

“No agreement with a foreign nation and no treaty is free from the restraints of the Constitution. “ Reid v. Covert , 354 U.S. 1 (1957)

So now we have the police officer conspiring with the city officials and judges to rob you or kidnap you and put you in one of their many “jails”. Remember they are all acting out of their authority. They are not representing the government so they can only be representing themselves. So we see a host of laws being broke so far including some you may not think of like the RICO laws. After all they are now all criminals, they use the federal post office if you would like to just send in your money. It is a criminal organization running a ponzi scheme on their own people who by law they are trusties of. Because they are under contract to you and are paid by you they add fraud to the table.

“Fraud in its elementary common law sense of deceit… includes the deliberate concealment of material information in a setting of fiduciary obligation. A public official is a fiduciary toward the public,… and if he deliberately conceals material information from them he is guilty of fraud.424 F.2d 1021UNITED STATES v.Horton R. PRUDDEN,No. 28140. United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit. April 1970 –

So now that they have stepped out side of the constitution and their authority they do not represent the government but claim they do are now con men and impostors and impersonating officers of the law and of government agencies. And they will back that lie up with a gun like any criminal or con man does if need be. A public official is a fiduciary toward the public,… and being so we must add treason to the list. From top to bottom they have all become criminals and have to be to stay in the game. To do this it is a conspiracy and they have to protect each other for the most part to keep some rich.

“Anyone entering into an arrangement with the government takes the risk of having accurately ascertained that he who purports to act for the government stays within the bounds of his authority, even though the agent himself may be unaware of limitations upon his authority.” The United States Supreme Court, Federal Crop Ins. Corp, v. Merrill, 332 US 380-388 L1947)

They should know better and they do but they do not care, job security and all that jazz. But no matter the law says he is accountable anyway.

“State officers may be held personally liable for damages based upon actions taken in their official capacities.” Hafer v. Melo, 502 U.S. 21 (1991).

In fact the law takes such a dim view of such actions it tells you you have the RIGHT to shoot this impostor.

“Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary.” Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306. This premise was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in the case: John Bad Elk v. U.S., 177 U.S. 529. The Court stated: “Where the officer is killed in the course of the disorder which naturally accompanies an attempted arrest that is resisted, the law looks with very different eyes upon the transaction, when the officer had the right to make the arrest, from what it does if the officer had no right. What may be murder in the first case might be nothing more than manslaughter in the other, or the facts might show that no offense had been committed.”

“An arrest made with a defective warrant, or one issued without affidavit, or one that fails to allege a crime is within jurisdiction, and one who is being arrested, may resist arrest and break away. lf the arresting officer is killed by one who is so resisting, the killing will be no more than an involuntary manslaughter.” Housh v. People, 75 111. 491; reaffirmed and quoted in State v. Leach, 7 Conn. 452; State v. Gleason, 32 Kan. 245; Ballard v. State, 43 Ohio 349; State v Rousseau, 241 P. 2d 447; State v. Spaulding, 34 Minn. 3621.

“When a person, being without fault, is in a place where he has a right to be, is violently assaulted, he may, without retreating, repel by force, and if, in the reasonable exercise of his right of self defense, his assailant is killed, he is justified.” Runyan v. State, 57 Ind. 80; Miller v. State, 74 Ind. 1.

“These principles apply as well to an officer attempting to make an arrest, who abuses his authority and transcends the bounds thereof by the use of unnecessary force and violence, as they do to a private individual who unlawfully uses such force and violence.” Jones v. State, 26 Tex. App. I; Beaverts v. State, 4 Tex. App. 1 75; Skidmore v. State, 43 Tex. 93, 903.

“An illegal arrest is an assault and battery. The person so attempted to be restrained of his liberty has the same right to use force in defending himself as he would in repelling any other assault and battery.” (State v. Robinson, 145 ME. 77, 72 ATL. 260).

“Each person has the right to resist an unlawful arrest. In such a case, the person attempting the arrest stands in the position of a wrongdoer and may be resisted by the use of force, as in self- defense.” (State v. Mobley, 240 N.C. 476, 83 S.E. 2d 100).
“One may come to the aid of another being unlawfully arrested, just as he may where one is being assaulted, molested, raped or kidnapped. Thus it is not an offense to liberate one from the unlawful custody of an officer, even though he may have submitted to such custody, without resistance.” (Adams v. State, 121 Ga. 16, 48 S.E. 910).

So what else could they be charged with besides death by stupidity because they did not think they actually needed to know the law to enforce it.

Cooper v. Aaron, By Chief Justice Earl Warren
No state, legislator, executive or judicial officer can “War” against (or test the limitations of) the Constitution without violating their undertaking to support it (Breach of Oath/Contract, Treason??). The Constitution created a government dedicated to equal justice under law. The Fourteenth Amendment embodied and emphasized that ideal…no State shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. Our constitutional ideal of equal justice under law is thus made a living truth. (Book, Our Nation’s Archive © 1999 pg 701)

AM14.3/HO, IR No person shall hold office if he rebels against or violates the U.S. Constitution (treason).

AM14.3/RD Congress shall impeach anyone who rebels against or violates the U.S. Constitution.

” An officer who acts in violation of the constitution ceases to represent the government”. Brookfield Const. Co. v. Stewart, 284 F. Supp.94.

The Oath of office is a quid pro quo contract cf [U.S. Const. Art. 6, Clauses 2 and 3, Davis Vs. Lawyers Surety Corporation., 459 S.W. 2nd. 655, 657., Tex. Civ. App.] in which clerks, officials, or officers of the government pledge to perform (Support and uphold the United States and state Constitutions) in return for substance (wages, perks, benefits). Proponents are subjected to the penalties and remedies for Breach of Contract, Conspiracy cf [Title 18 U.S.C., Sections 241, 242]. Treason under the Constitution at Article 3, Section 3., and Intrinsic Fraud cf [Auerbach v Samuels, 10 Utah 2nd. 152, 349 P. 2nd. 1112,1114. Alleghany Corp v Kirby., D.C.N.Y. 218 F. Supp. 164, 183., and Keeton Packing Co. v State., 437 S.W. 20, 28]. Refusing to live by their oath places them in direct violation of their oath, in every case. Violating their oath is not just cause for immediate dismissal and removal from office, it is a federal crime. Federal law regulating oath of office by government officials is divided into four parts along with an executive order which further defines the law for purposes of enforcement. 5 U.S.C. 3331, provides the text of the actual oath of office members of Congress are required to take before assuming office. 5 U.S.C. 3333 requires members of Congress sign an affidavit that they have taken the oath of office required by 5 U.S.C. 3331 and have not or will not violate that oath of office during their tenure of office as defined by the third part of the law, 5 U.S.C. 7311 which explicitly makes it a federal criminal offense (and a violation of oath of office) for anyone employed in the United States Government (including members of Congress) to “advocate the overthrow of our constitutional form of government”

As you can see these are nothing but criminals and the constitution is hard to change. Our forefathers made sure of that and laws have protected it throughout the years. Our so called police are not police, our judges are not judges, our representatives are not representatives. For a price they are against the people whom they are a fiduciary to. They commit fraud every day and many other federal and state crimes. Our loving police? they have become militarized and stand against the people. Same crimes as the judges but not as good of benefits. Then all those city officials. Making up the rules. Your gonna give us this or were going to take your money and your property. They got a whole “police” force to enforce them. If they do not get the job done we got more than a thousand agencies and a army. We going to get what we want. One traffic stop and more laws are broke than we have fingers and toes to count them on. They do this repetitively on a daily bases millions of times a day across the nation.

And now they are wondering why people are starting to shoot at them. Look if my boss tells me to go rob a bank or your fired i have to tell him i am fired then. Any official or officer has the duty to refuse unconstitutional and unlawful order or request. You become a criminal if you do. If your to lazy to learn the law say out of government business. You can no longer hold any office at this point because your already a criminal like it or not.

We need people in office who are more interested in serving the people. Staying within their authority and knowing enough about the law and constitution to know where those limits are. If you do not have any authority you have to tell the people sorry folks that is not within our authority to fix. Your a smart bunch of people fix it yourself.


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